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There is a great and perhaps decisive battle to be fought against ignorance, intolerance and indifference.
— Edward R. Murrow, Journalist
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TxSER Calls for Urgent Legislative Action Necessary to Address Texas Special Education

Texans for Special Education Reform is calling for an urgent Sunset Commission on special education and an urgent legislative audit of special education finance, spending, and student privacy protections in Texas.

As parents, teachers, advocates, and allies of Texas students with disabilities, we believe that full and transparent accountability …..

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Commission Chairman Apologizes for Comments

Our statement invited Justice Brister to meet with us to learn more about the educational needs of children with disabilities in Texas. He took us up on that offer.

In a meeting yesterday with Texans for Special Education Reform, Justice Brister....

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TxSER's Public Statement Regarding Judge Brister's Comments

As parents, educators and advocates for Texas children with disabilities, Texans for Special Education Reform is outraged to learn that Texas Public School Finance Commissioner Chair, Justice Scott Brister, has questioned the value of educating....

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Sept. 21 Statewide Live Online Forum Helps Parents Learn How to Take Immediate Action

Three weeks after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the Texas coast, the storm’s impact rages on, especially for families who have children with disabilities. Families forced ....

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We envision a state in which all individuals with disabilities are identified, and receive an education that maximizes their future potential for post-secondary education, employment, community participation, and independent living.

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